Linvar (Pty) Ltd is a locally owned company which has been servicing the southern Africa region for more than 53 years in the storage and material handling industry.

Linvar prides itself on matching its great products with exceptional service. Our team of professionals are available to  provide assistance for all customers, from small business seeking innovative storage solutions, all the way to manufacturing and warehousing with complex logistic requirement’s. We also specialize in suppling and fitting factory, office and warehouse shelving, racking and mezzanine floors.

Linvar provides a full range of services including planning, design, and project implementation management.

Our product range, innovation and quality are without equal in the Southern Africa region. This is achieved not only through the superior in-house products, but also by partnerships with the top storage and materials handling product manufacturers to bring you the widest possible range. Our trained advisors have many years of experience within the Storage and Materials handling industry, with a combined knowledge to make sure you get exactly the right product for your needs. They will happily visit you on site to discuss your requirements.

Linvar’s wide range is now available online, visit or download our app Storage Direct on your mobile device! Storage Direct Issue 30 is now digital and available for you to download and view online

What we can offer you:

Linbin® Storage Bins & Kits

We offer the world’s favourite storage container, namely the Linbin® Storage bin. One quality, five price ranges and nine colours.

Shelving & Racking

Our simple shelving systems can be used for any imaginable application. In the office, for those excessive files or in the workshop to organise stock.
They are durable, easy to erect and handy.

Handling Equipment

Moving products have never been this easy before.

We not only offer you manual solutions but machine-driven solutions as well.

Factory & Warehouse Equipment

Linvar prides themselves on the fact that they have
numerous Factory and Warehouse products to fulfil your every need.

From workbenches, tools, packaging equipment, workshop equipment, matting, cleaning & hygiene, and lockers.

Safety Equipment

Safety in the workplace should be a priority for every company
in every environment, whether you have a small business,
maintain a school or oversee a mine, our range of safety equipment will ensure that you always put the safety of your staff first.

Office Equipment & Outdoor Supplies

We have multiple solutions to fulfil your office requirements. We supply quality office furniture, office appliances and even stationery supplies. So, if you are moving offices or simply refurnishing, we have the products you seek.

Waste Disposal

The correct disposal of waste is paramount. We have a wide selection of waste disposal products to choose from. Dispose of medical and hazardous waste correctly and safely. Do your part in preserving the environment with our recycling and wheelie bin options.


We offer a full range of containers to store products, transport them or contain hazardous items. We have just the container for your purpose.

Any application imaginable, we have it!

Our vision – Always looking forward!

Get in touch:

WhatsApp Line: 076 196 6905

Johannesburg Branch: 011 608 0250

Durban branch: 031 700 1434

Cape Town branch: 021 380 8760

Port Elizabeth: 041 367 1178

A picture of Linvar (Pty) Ltd storage containers and container holder in red, green, blue and yellow.A picture of Linvar (Pty) Ltd storage containers and container holder in red and blue.

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