With the demand for workplace optimisation on the rise, local and global businesses

are adopting workforce management solutions to improve employee effectiveness

and efficiency.

Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce Management Solutions are an integrated set of processes implemented

across an organisation to maximise workplace efficiency and enhance employee

engagement. These Systems allow businesses to oversee their operations and gain

insight into complex employee data.

Alcohol and other Drug Testing

With the advancements in workforce analytics and the rise of cloud computing, the

demand for a comprehensive management system is expected to drive the growth of

this market. There is an extensive range of data that can be gathered through

workplace management systems to provide your business with the information it

needs to thrive and maximise productivity.

A illiustration of how the centurion quantum breathealyser works.

For many African businesses, a robust drug and alcohol management program is an

essential part of their health and safety strategy. To minimise workplace hazards and

effectively manage the risks of Alcohol and other Drugs in your workplace, it is of the

utmost importance that this data is managed correctly. Enforcement of robust HR

and health and safety policies can only be considered if calibrated, accurate

breathalysers are in service.

Alcolizer Technology offers a selection of fixed mount and handheld devices. There

is a device to suit virtually every application. Several unique and patented design

features make Alcolizer a first choice within the mining industry. This includes the

patented ‘anti-blowback’ mouthpiece, a design that was engineered in to alleviate

cross contamination and transfer of viruses (this has existed prior to the COVID-19


Recent advances in standards requirements in Australia have led to the Alcolizer

range being the first product to receive the AS3547:2019 stamp of approval. This

means that business can rely on the most accurate technology advances currently

available. The Alcolizer LE5 has become the choice handheld breathalyser of

Australian law enforcement, and this instrument has been implemented at mining

companies throughout Africa for over 10 years.

A illiustration of how the centurion zero tolerance breathealyser works.

Run Rite Electronics as the master distributor for Alcolizer Technology in Africa,

works with several System Integration Partners to incorporate alcohol breath testing

into their workforce management and access control solutions. Proactive workforce

management incorporating alcohol breath testing forms a critical component of

ensuring your workforce is in the right place, with the right skills, and is fit for


With an increased awareness for hygienic and safe testing to take place the Alcolizer

Centurion Zero Tolerance and Centurion Quantum instruments offer handsfree, safe

testing with access control integration and data management built in.

A major problem facing companies with regard to alcohol testers, is the backup

service and calibration costs. In order to alleviate this cost burden as well as logistics

in remote regions, Alcolizer developed a modular-based system. This maximises

equipment Up-Time for end users as a certified OEM calibration can be completed

on-site in under 2 minutes (without the need for advanced training or equipment).

The Alcolizer Centurion range offers this modular-based system.

Through implementing these workforce management systems using comprehensive

technology, organisations can maximise their performance and ensure they are

reaching their full potential in a competitive and growing market.

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A picture of a breathealyser by a industrial turnstyle.
A picture of a breathealyser by a industrial turnstyle.

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