The Sedulitas team is made up of resolute and enthusiastic individuals, who are always willing to walk the extra mile in helping us to achieve our slogan – “Helping you take exposure science to the next level.”

Sedulitas offers the latest and greatest life-saving instrumentation and is proud to partner with World-Class ISO Compliant Manufacturers to distribute top-of-the-range real-time and near real-time monitoring equipment for worker, workplace, and public health hazard sampling.

With so much exposure to hazardous airborne substances, respirator fit testing has become crucial in this day and age. Therefore, we offer Quantitative respirator fit testing services to assist in ensuring that respirator wearers are doing so safely. You need to be certain that the respirator you wear daily fits correctly to avoid exposure to hazardous airborne substances. Qualitative fit testing is a pass/fail method used on half-face respirators that relies on senses – such as taste and smell – to detect air leakage from your respirator. Quantitative fit testing is a method that measures ambient particles in the air against the number of particles on the inside of the respirator and from this, a fit factor is determined.

Sedulitas offers quantitative respirator fit testing services to assist in ensuring that respirator wearers are doing so safely.

We can assist with noise assessments at multiple levels such as personal, area, and environmental noise. Noise assessments focus on personal noise exposure using dosimeters such as the Larson Davis Spartan Noise Dosimeter Model 730 and area noise using sound level meters such as the Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Model 831C.

We offer real-time dust monitoring with lightweight, self-contained continuous personal dust monitors such as the Trolex XD1 or Nanozens DustCount 9000, which assist in protecting workers at risk from respirable particulates and determining whether workers are being exposed to dangerous levels of silica.

Proximity detection in the form of Reactecs R-Link is the next-generation workplace wearable technology that can accurately detect proximity to danger – offering you the best in workplace risk monitoring and prevention. The R-link smartwatch is a wrist-worn device advising workers of vibration exposure risk. The R-link watch informs the wearer of their exposure by calculating and displaying in real-time their HSE HAV risk assessment exposure points. The R-link eco-system and cloud-based analytics are easy to deploy and simple to use.

Asbestos – the silent killer. A truly remarkable and word first is the ALERT PRO 1000 early warning device for airborne asbestos fibres. This is the only known device capable of distinguishing asbestos fibres from other non-asbestos fibres in the air in real time. ALERT uses patented light scattering technology, the paramagnetic properties of asbestos fibres, and a complex algorithmic statistical analysis that works to a 99.98% confidence level.

The above mentioned are but a few of the innovative health monitoring solutions the Sedulitas team can assist you with.

We also present first-rate OHTA training to help you qualify for the International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene (ICertOH) and as a fee, for service we can come and help you perform real-time sampling for various risk exposure components.

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