Seamaster and our group entities have a proud 50-year footprint in Africa. We provide a base of operations that have successfully grown with our customers, suppliers, and engaged employees over the years.

We embrace partnerships in a continuous improvement environment and recognize that our engagement with the client provides an opportunity to deliver a superior solution around the supply chain.

Our defined Metals and Minerals structure in Seamaster and ETG Logistics is supported by the board of directors, with recent investments in people and infrastructure further entrenching the segment into our framework of operations.

Our strategy in the Metals and Minerals segment is built around matching our customer’s commodity flows and volume, with supply chain ownership that delivers the correct capacity with land and ocean transport being the key differentiator.

We also have approximately 500 000m2 warehousing in Africa that has been tailored for metals and concentrates operations.

Our group has handled sulphur and fertilizer businesses, recently boosted further by the investment from SABIC into our Input Holdings division. This provides consistent import cargo flows into the region due to these partnerships.

It is these flows that have resulted in significant increases in the trucking capacity of the group’s fleets, as well as a recent strategic partnership on the South African, Mozambican, and Tanzanian lanes.

Ocean capacity

Over the past few months, we have engaged with several ocean carriers on a program to obtain regular and predictable capacity on a quarterly and later, an annual basis,

Differing programs for each carrier are in place. The intention is to have fixed capacity agreements in place in 2023 that are matched to our customers’ requirements.

The capacity Seamaster has on a first option basis as of 1 August 2023 equates to on average 25,000mt per month ocean capacity.


Our group has a strategic partnership with Tengwa Africa, one of the markets largest trucking companies across the Durban, Beira and Dar es Salaam corridors. In addition to our own fleet and brokered solutions, provide Seamaster with dependable, sizeable and competitive capacity.


In short, Seamaster has partnered with ETG Logistics and Tengwa Trucking to bring you the best service delivery for transporting your product. We have solid transport lanes between Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa which allow us to use our facilities across these countries. Not only do we have the means for fast and secure transport, but we also have warehouse spaces to store all your goods and products safely.

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