2023 will mark Laone Mining and Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s fifth year since its inception and the journey thus far has been positively impactful.

Along with its conduction of mining contracting services, Laone Mining has maintained its intention to empower surrounding communities through job opportunities and work environment exposure to the youth.

Laone Mining’s core service is Raise Bore drilling, which as an eco-friendlier and time efficient approach that demonstrates the excavation of rock using a raise borer (a type of drilling machine) to create circular underground ventilation holes between levels.

After the drilling of a pilot hole between two levels, a drill string attached to a reamer head allows for the drilling of a circumference or diameter needed for a tunnel.

A large part of operational outcomes produced by Laone Mining have comprised of 1m, 1.5m and 1.8m diameter holes.

Our company recently expanded its operational territory and reached a significant milestone of successfully completing its first 2.1m diameter underground raise bore ventilation hole for one its leading clients.

Even though the 2.1m project was challenging, it has not deterred us from working towards drilling holes with bigger diameters and providing a platform for unskilled and skilled workers to improve their livelihoods.

Following the success of this project, we are incredibly proud of our team and look forward to reaching many more milestones and offering quality service delivery to our valued partners.

Teamwork certainly made the dream work, 2.1m diameter bigger and greater lengths!

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