The Company R. Haden Instrument Services has been in existence since 1973. The core business of the company is the Importation and Distribution of Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring and Control, Mine Ventilation, Occupational Hygiene and Process Control. These include Instrumentation to monitor Airflow, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Noise levels, Gas, Illumination, Dust, Water Quality, Vibration and Climate. The Company also manufactures its own range of instruments. In-house calibration services for Airflow, Temperature and Dust Measuring Instrumentation is also done on site. Maintenance and Repairs on a wide range of Instrumentation.

Barnel Design & Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd provides technical consulting and project management services, saving our customers time and providing them with competitive rates and quality products. As an OEM company, products & systems are locally designed & manufactured to customer’s needs & requirements.

AMS Haden are Distributors for several leading brands which include:

Casella Cel, U.K | Thermo Fisher Scientific, U.S.A | Greisinger, Delta OHM, Germany | Pinssar, Australia | TSI Alnor, U.S.A | G.H Zeal, U.K | Pacific Data Systems, Australia | Gill | Gastec | Clean Space, Australia | Exsens, S.A | LSI Lastem, Italy | HikVision | Golden Win3, China | Denwa group of companies.

With more than 40 years of experience in the mining, industrial and plant sectors AMS Haden aim to provide customers with turnkey solutions in the electronic & instrumentation fields.

The Future objectives of the company are to continue supplying quality Instrumentation for the monitoring of environmental conditions affecting the health and safety of workers and the conservation of the environment. To develop custom instrumentation to meet the specific needs of our customers. To provide full technical back-up, after-sales service, and maintenance for our customers.

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