OIM Consulting enables clients to achieve sustainable success through the development of their people and culture by enhancing their competencies and equipping them with the tools to effectively execute their responsibilities and create long-term profitability.

We have partnered with clients since 1985 to create sustainable growth and are business performance specialists in the key areas of organisational improvement, people management and operational optimisation.

We provide custom solutions that nurture leadership capacity, transform workplace culture and embed optimisation into daily processes. As a result, operational excellence becomes business as usual.

Diggers in a big cave

Through our “Coaching to PerformanceTM” framework we unlock long-term value and profitability by focusing on the performance of the people who manage the environment – your operational leaders and supervisors. As key drivers of daily productivity, we target their competency and productivity levels, whilst addressing the wider organisational environment to achieve the desired business results. In short, we equip your people with the right skillsets, toolsets and mindset to drive sustainable business growth.

We specialise in the mining industry and have successfully transformed clients within the Platinum, Gold, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Magnesium, and Diamond sectors in mechanised, conventional, open-pit and underground mines.

Our services specifically relate to production optimisation, leadership and supervisory development, organisational culture, and safety.

Visit www.oimconsulting.com for more information on how to increase your profitability by building your supervisory capability.

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