LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers has remained the mining industry’s first point of contact for civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services since 2001.

The firm’s competitive edge is its ability to execute technically complex projects in high-risk environments.

Materials handling operations to new levels of efficiency

LNW supplies a comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary engineering solutions for all common types of lifting and materials handling equipment deployed in the mining industry. These include portal scrapers and reclaimers; blending systems; slewing and fixed stackers; bucket-wheel reclaimers; and conveyor and rail-car loading systems. This is in addition to ship-to-shore loading and unloading equipment systems.

LNW is also the African representative for Syralco, a leading bulk-materials equipment manufacturer, allowing world class technology and designs in South Africa.

Asset integrity management in mining

LNW’s asset integrity management services are in high demand. The company has successfully completed many remedial designs and supervised strategic repair and replacement programmes. These are for, among others, materials handling installations and equipment, silos, cooling towers, reservoirs, stacks and chimneys.

Severely compromised equipment and structures are subjected to comprehensive baseline assessments and fieldwork where all anomalies are recorded and geographically mapped. They are also scanned three dimensionally and thermally using drones and high-definition photogrammetry. Various types of non-destructive and performance testing determines asset remaining lifecycles, throughput capabilities and sustainability in terms of its required levels of efficiency.

Modern accepted best practices are applied in the solution and analysis of complex multi-disciplinary engineering problems.

The company’s core engineering competencies include:

  • Linear and non-linear structural analysis and design through FEA
  • Structural integrity assessment and failure analysis of structures subjected to dynamic and fluctuating loading
  • Weld fatigue assessment and weld repair designs
  • Integrity assessments
  • Thermal analysis and influence of thermal loading on structures and elements
  • Failure analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Process analysis and improvements
  • Machine design and mechanical equipment integration
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Discrete Element Analysis
  • Tanks and vessel designs and certification
  • Pipe system design, including pipe stress and flow analysis
  • Functional and performance assessments
  • Reliability improvements
  • Asset life extension programs and state of the asset verifications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Plant design, upgrade renewals and replacements
  • Maintenance planning and statutory interventions

Specialist in dam inspection

Moreover, LNW is a recognised specialist in dam inspection, rehabilitation and maintenance programmes.

The company uses remotely operated vehicles and drones with sophisticated devices and scanners to complete surveys of dammed water bodies.

Powering the mining industry

LNW also provides quality electrical engineering services. This includes the design and implementation of system integration; power supply systems; motor centres with motor drives of up to 3,3kV; SCADA and PLC integration; and field instrumentation and equipment control systems.

This is complemented by the inspection of electrical installations using infrared technology.  The company has also developed its own specific analytical models and evaluation protocols to assess and compare inspection fieldwork and survey results against the original design and operational and maintenance plans.

LNW stands ready to assist you with your civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering requirements.

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