With the month of love and Black History coming to an end, the celebrations may cease but the effects will echo through time.

In any occurrence, whether big or small – the effects that change incites will always be noticeable – maybe not through the naked eye but through the impacts that hard-work, perseverance, and dedication effect.

When Laone Mining and Engineering (Pty) Ltd was established, its Founders knew that the company’s Vision and Mission were for a cause that extended beyond the partitions that defined a meritorious business acumen. With acquired Professional Associations in the Engineering and Natural Sciences spectrums, their courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations has resulted in a noteworthy partnership.

Being the only 100% black-owned Raise Bore Drilling company, the act of perseverance does not only accommodate the praise that comes from the creation of remunerative job opportunities but makes room for community empowerment and a broad-gauged approach towards the recruitment and selection of semi-skilled and skilled workers from various backgrounds. The synergy promoted through this approach has further allowed the company’s Directors to endorse ethical and empowering business practices that support an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Laone Mining displays a good representation of how determination has the potential to morph itself into pleasant recollections of excellence and growth through its continual efforts to co-operate with the fast acclimatization of opportunities within our industry.

The ripple effect of innovation, interest in pioneership, and excellence that the company advocates for, will surely impact historical delineations and just like any outwardly effect – echo… through… time.

More familiarity about our services and recent operational milestones can be acquired in the 2023 January edition of the African Mining News https://issuu.com/avengmedia4/docs/african_mining_news_9_vodacom)_

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