Collaboration often proves to be the key to innovation and growth in higher education. At Cornerstone Institute, a not-for-profit private higher education institution dedicated to holistic student development, strategic partnerships are not merely transactions but transformative opportunities. CEO Basier Dramat shares insights into the institution’s approach to forging alliances that drive financial sustainability and student success.

“Strategic partnerships are integral to our mission at Cornerstone Institute. Each collaboration is carefully chosen to align with our core values and objectives, ensuring they contribute meaningfully to our overarching goals,” he remarks.

Acknowledging the financial constraints many students face, Dramat highlights the crucial role partnerships play in addressing this issue. “As a private institution with no government funding, Cornerstone relies on innovative approaches to support our diverse student body,” he explains. “Strategic partnerships offer a lifeline, providing avenues for securing funding for student tuition while also offering additional benefits such as industry exposure and community engagement opportunities.”

One notable partnership that exemplifies this mutual relationship is the collaboration between Cornerstone Institute and Garden Cities. Garden Cities funds student tuition through this alliance, particularly targeting economically disadvantaged households.

“Our partnership with Garden Cities is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration,” notes Dramat. “By working together, we not only address financial barriers to education but also foster knowledge exchange and capacity building, benefiting both institutions and their respective communities.”

Beyond financial assistance, partnerships are vital in enhancing the institute’s visibility and credibility within the community. Collaborations with organisations across diverse sectors amplify the institution’s presence and reinforce its commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. “Our partnerships are more than just transactions; they are strategic endeavours aimed at enriching the academic journey and fostering our students’ personal and professional growth,” emphasises Dramat.

Looking ahead, the CEO expresses Cornerstone’s commitment to forging partnerships across various industries including education, health and business: “Leveraging our expertise in these areas, we aim to create innovative educational opportunities that drive sectoral development and societal advancement,” he states. “By aligning with partners who share our vision for holistic student development and societal impact, Cornerstone Institute is poised to continue empowering students and catalysing positive change in the world.”

Cornerstone Institute’s strategic partnerships represent more than just collaborative endeavours; they embody the institution’s ethos of empowerment and transformation. Rooted in shared values and mutual benefit, these alliances drive innovation, foster community engagement and pave the way for student success.

As the institute embarks on its journey toward the future, its commitment to forging meaningful partnerships remains unwavering. This ensures students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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