Having operated at all the major United Kingdom steelworks, Hargreaves PLC now has an established steel services business in South Africa.

Hargreaves SA can offer a range of services in the supply, process, logistics, handling and optimisation of raw materials.

Metal recovery and the processing and management of slag and scrap is another key area where Hargreaves can deliver value to the customer. Whether it is inventory control, weighing, unloading and stockpiling, or the removal of slag from your melt shop via front-end loaders or specially designed slag pot carriers, Hargreaves SA aims to deliver a safe and cost-effective solution.

Melt shop services can also be offered, including tap hole drilling, refractory wrecking & tear-out, refractory brick recycling, and ladle and vessel lip cleaning.

Mobile equipment repair and maintenance services on offer ensure the customer’s equipment remains reliable, available and functioning flawlessly.

Working closely with its customers, Hargreaves offers flexibility and solutions that are aligned to customers’ operations and needs. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Under-furnace digging & slag cooling

• Slag crushing

• Scrap sizing & drop balling

• Skip bins

• Raw material handling

• Ladle refractory lining wrecking

• Wire baling

• Internal transportation & logistics

•Oxy lancing of skulls, tundish & ladle stickers

• Waste handling

• Raw materials supply, processing & logistics

• Slag management & processing

• Metal recovery from EAF slag

• Scrap handling & processing

• Melt shop

• Finished and semi-finished product handling

• EAF under-furnace digging & slag cooling

• Mobile equipment repair & maintenance


Hargreaves SA has made significant investment in both plant and people to provide a comprehensive range of services including on-site materials handling, logistics, slag management, metal recovery and more. This investment, combined with a constant focus on improving health and safety, has seen Hargreaves establish a solid business in South Africa.

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