The Youth Employment Service (YES) works with businesses to place or sponsor unemployed youth in 12-month quality work experiences that are fully funded by the private sector, giving young people the critical experience and skills that they need to secure future employment. To date, YES and its partners have created 108,000+ game-changing jobs, equating to more than R6 billion injected into the economy through youth salaries alone.

Businesses can choose to place youth within their own structures or within a YES host partner through the turnkey solution.

The YES turnkey solution works with 25 YES-vetted host partners across SA to allow companies that cannot not place youth internally (for whatever reason), an affordable way to create broad-based impact through uplifting communities. YES host partners are generally NPOs or SMEs working in high-impact sectors such as healthcare, education, digital and conservation where youth live, meaning they can play an important part in building their own communities.

Yes for Youth Integrating job creation for youth into your social and labour plans. Two females standing infront of a banner.

The YES host partners help capacitate local businesses, schools, clinics and NPOs with dynamic young people who are eager to learn and grow their careers. This feeds into poverty eradication and upliftment of communities and economies beyond the mines these towns surround.

This model integrates seamlessly with the Local Economic Development (LED) and Human Resource Development elements of social and labour plans (SLPs). Mining companies can choose whether these jobs appear on their payroll or not.

Creating youth jobs in sectors that build economic, social and environmental stability in communities (through the turnkey solution) is an effective way to systemically and holistically reach environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, and uplift and empower communities beyond mining.

Uplift communities. Capacitate under-resourced sectors. Discover hidden gems.


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