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Kontinental Energy Services (KES) has partnered with United Statesā€“based upstream oil & gas corporation Gulfstream Services Inc. (GSI) for the provision of tools and services. The partnership carries the dual aim of strengthening KESā€™ capacity to support the development of oil and gas across Africa, while facilitating GSIā€™s global expansion.

With activities spanning over 22 countries, GSI offers solutions for the entire well life cycle, supporting drilling, completions, production, well intervention and decommissioning. Under the terms of the agreement, GSI will provide a suite of rental tools and equipment including a complete line of high-pressure standard services; H2S services ChiksanĀ® equipment; low-pressure piping and hoses; cargo boxes, baskets and custom-designed racks for operators and services companies; and a restraint system to restrict movement of temporary flow iron in the event of an unplanned release of pressure.

Additionally, GSI will provide a full-service, third-party iron management programme that helps keep customer-owned asset pumping at peak performance; cementing, coil tubing, HWO and flowback support packages; and spool and gate valves. KES and GSI will also establish workstation hubs across the continent to ensure proactive maintenance of equipment and facilitate technical training.

ā€œWe are excited to partner with a leading USā€“based company with extensive expertise in oil and gas service delivery. This partnership underscores the instrumental role that global collaboration plays in supporting the development of local firms. With the support of GSI, KES is committed to providing cost-effective services to the Namibian and African oil & gas industry. We look forward to working with additional service companies to support our broader ambitions to drive economic growth, create jobs and develop local content in Africa,ā€ states Rae Tanyi, executive director of KES.

Serving as a testament to the value of USā€“Africa collaboration, the partnership will support a wide range of projects from international, national, major and independent energy companies. Through the tools and equipment provided, KES will support oilfield operations in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia, Nigeria and additional markets featuring world-class discoveries and assets.

In addition to supporting the development of billion-barrel finds, the partnership serves to stimulate job creation, local content development and skills transfer across the industry, bringing African indigenous firms to the forefront of the oilfield services industry.

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