Growth-Link, a leading provider of integrated learning and development solutions, is helping blue-chip companies across South Africa unlock growth through effective leadership training and people-focused solutions.

Since 2001, Growth-Link has been empowering clients to execute their strategies and achieve exceptional growth through a comprehensive range of training programmes, psychometric assessments, coaching services and customised interventions.

“In today’s competitive mining environment, effective leadership is more important than ever,” says CEO, Dr Ilizanne Howard. “Leaders who can develop and execute a clear strategy, engage and retain competent employees, foster innovation, manage change and act responsibly can help their organisation succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

Growth-Link’s solutions are tailored to meet the specific business needs of each client and are based on a well-researched competency framework that focuses on Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Business. In addition, the company provides customised interventions for suppliers and enterprise development, work readiness, entrepreneurial programmes and community development interventions.

Stagnation could directly result from poor leadership, as this negatively impacts productivity and employee engagement. Growth-Link addresses these common business challenges by equipping employees with the skills they need to become effective leaders.

It crafts and delivers sustainable and integrated learning, psychometric assessments and coaching solutions in partnership with clients. “We are passionate about facilitating growth for our clients and delivering solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs,” says Howard.

Through psychometric and organisational assessment services, Growth-Link assists clients in making informed decisions about the placement and development of individuals. The company’s coaching services help unlock the potential of leaders within the organisation, and its learning material aligns with business needs to deliver real value and improved employee performance.

“Clients can be confident that Growth-Link’s trainers know what they are doing,“ Howard assures. “We hold programme approval status with the Mining Qualifications Authority and merSETA [Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education & Training Authority], and are accredited with the Services SETA as a training provider.”

By partnering with Growth-Link, organisations can expect improved employee retention, higher morale, increased innovation and, ultimately, better customer service and improved business results.

To unlock growth for your business today, visit the website or call 012 424 0300.

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