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Ctrack, South Africa’s leading fleet management and asset monitoring solutions provider, is continuously innovating in order to provide its customers with the latest solutions in an ever-changing environment. Despite recently celebrating their 35th birthday Ctrack continues to seek out cutting edge solutions to provide information and insight on a wide variety of moveable and non-powered assets while providing real-time monitoring.

When developing and refining their operation, especially in the tough and stressful mining environment, Ctrack always considers five key focus areas of asset management namely, Safety & Security (Risk Management), Driving Behaviour (Cost Management), Productivity & Efficiency, Operations Control & Compliance and Asset Management.

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Safety & Security (Risk Management)

In any mining operation accident prevention is top priority. Utilising a range of remote monitoring systems to alert control room staff to driver behaviour and asset utilization ensures a safe and productive working environment.

The data harvested from these systems makes it possible to upskill operators and ensure the safety of both workforce and assets. Managers can provide direct operator behaviour feedback to their staff using indicators through Ctrack software applications, visible on mobile devices, as well as vehicle in-cab peripherals or electronic data sets.

Various camera options, allow live video and replays of incidents on the road, that could support and reduce insurance claims. Engine performance monitoring ensures that the vehicle is driven efficiently by keeping an eye on engine speed and will also alert fleet managers to excessive periods of idling.

Further enhancements to safety and security of mining operations include the use of Ctracks unique script capabilities called SMILE. With SMILE, operators can create unique efficiency and risk outputs that create endless opportunities to measure and solve an operator’s critical KPI’s. Managers can set up geo zones with pre-defined speed limits, load limits, safe stop areas, and other customizable parameters. These simple yet effective actions reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, reduce warranty claims, and improves safety. 

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Driving Behaviour (Cost Management)

Improving the driver behaviour of employees can benefit operations through better kilometres per litre, lower fuel bills, enhanced driver safety and reduced accident rates as well as less fleet administration and vehicle maintenance costs

Ctrack offers a range of solutions to support business with driver performance and management across multiple driver groups and vehicles. These solutions include driver behaviour monitors and indicators that detects vehicle operational parameters, while driver fatigue is managed with the help of front, rear and in-cab cameras.

Integration with further peripherals such as breathalysers prevents access to vehicles from intoxicated drivers, and safety requirements such as the failure to wear seatbelts can also be reported.

Drivers can also be identified through various mechanisms such as, the Dallas iButton, RF ID Cards, and even virtual driver pins. Driving behaviour monitoring then ensures that the correct person is behind the wheel and that the vehicle is being driven in a satisfactory manner with parameters that keep an eye on factors such as speed, harsh braking, irregular stops, load capacity and many more.

Ctrack Driver Management tools succeed at providing you with multiple solutions to ensure your operations run effectively, efficiently, safely, and allow operators to manage drivers, asset access, and driver behaviour across multiple vehicles and assets remotely.

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Productivity & Efficiency

Owning and operating vehicles efficiently, no matter the industry is reliant on information. Having the correct information in a tangible format is imperative to making the right decisions.

Ctrack’s rich fleet analytics and smart interpretation of data provide the information needed for critical decision making, from cost savings to future investments.

Improved productivity is guaranteed when business owners know how their vehicles are being used. Efficient fleet management will ensure the avoidance of unnecessary costs incurred by factors such as speeding, accidents, fuel consumption and harsh driving.

In addition to vehicle locations, Ctracks real-time visibility software, including mobile applications and website dashboards, provide valuable information on drivers, points of interest, ground coverage, upcoming tasks and even a live productivity dashboard.  The culmination of real-time visibility, proactive notifications and infographics ensures optimised and efficient asset utilisation and ultimately a more profitable operation.

Operations Control

The Live Productivity Dashboard, which forms part of the online software suite, provides a 24-hour timeline of vehicle or asset movement, allowing for quick and easy dissemination and management of vehicles and assets. Users can view the movement of vehicles stationary times, speed (harsh braking, cornering, acceleration), payload, as well as driving times in a single graphical view. Stopping locations and operating times allow managers to identify unauthorised usage of vehicles quickly.

With the Live Productivity dashboard management is able to ensure time management, and productivity of assets, ensuring cost reduction through productive fuel usage, overtime management, fraud detection & prevention.

Compliance & Asset Management

As vehicles age, it becomes difficult to have a holistic view of their individual condition. With Ctrack it is possible to receive daily health checks and odometer/hour metre readings. From here it becomes much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, keep up with vehicle license renewals and perform accident analysis. 

A principal aim of Ctrack is, from the moment the ignition is switched on, to provide as much information as possible on all operational parameters, with the aim of helping to improve efficiencies and reduce fleet operational costs. 

In Conclusion, Ctrack has industry solutions to track a variety of assets including cars, trucks, trailers, containers, generators, dump trucks, front-end loaders, graders, bulldozers, water bowsers, and light- and heavy-duty vehicles, which is why Ctrack is a one-stop shop for all your mining, yellow metal and asset management needs.

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