A drawn out truck with a an engine in it driving in gravel

Mining is one of the most demanding industries, for the equipment as well as for doing business. Engines play a key role in keeping operations up and running profitably. As a leading engine manufacturer and supplier for many of the world’s most productive mining operations, Rolls-Royce focuses on developing products that not only deliver reliable performance, but that also keep costs low.

mtu Repowering Solutions with the mtu Series 4000 are the best example. Engineered and built with regard to the challenges in the mining industry, the engine is widely recognised as an ideal fit for high-power applications. Given its excellent fuel efficiency, durability, extended time between overhaul (TBO) and eco-friendliness – particularly when operated with alternative fuels – it offers a cost-effective alternative to a new acquisition.

A proven solution

The mtu Series 4000 has demonstrated its capabilities at many mining sites. Worldwide, over 800 mining vehicles have already been repowered with it. On average, it has shown to achieve up to 10% better fuel efficiency than the engines it replaces, along with a TBO of up to 33 000 hours. That leads to significant fuel savings and substantially lower maintenance and repair costs over the course of the entire life cycle.

mtu Repowering Solutions provide a notable return on investment, even before the first overhaul. Pre-engineered repower kits available for the most popular mining equipment models mean vehicle outage is typically limited to a week or less, depending on the specific repower. Authorised distributors can provide detailed installation and cost-savings projections.

Optimising the entire design

While the engine forms the heart and soul of a vehicle’s powertrain, operational optimisation involves the entire range of auxiliary components and systems. Rolls-Royce specialises in individual system designs as well as fully customised solutions for every engine type and vehicle application. These are manufactured to the same high-quality standards.

To simplify system management and minimise technological complexity, the number of interfaces between the engine and peripheral systems is deliberately limited. Plug-and-play connections enable quick instalment and commissioning of the entire powertrain module, further minimising vehicle downtime.

Customers are provided with expert support at every stage of the repowering project, from the initial planning and design development, to the in-field use. Additional areas for performance optimisation and operational efficiency are thereby identified.

Viewed as a whole, mtu Repowering Solutions with the mtu Series 4000 is an effective way for mining operations to increase vehicle performance and save costs.

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