Creating a culture of safety within an organisation requires more than just implementing policies and practices at an organisational level. It involves addressing individual and interpersonal behaviours related to safety.

One of our clients in the mining industry recognised the need to increase safety awareness among its employees and proactively manage risky behaviour at the supervisory level. To achieve this, they partnered with Growth-Link to design a learning intervention focused on personal effectiveness and leadership development. This article explores the importance of promoting a safety-conscious culture and highlights the key aspects addressed in the programme.

Recognising that safety behaviour within an organisation is influenced by both external factors and individual dynamics, Growth-Link has devised a tailored approach to inspire a safety-conscious culture. Scientific research supports the notion that stress and anxiety can impair an individual’s ability to think clearly and lead to strained relationships, both personally and professionally. To tackle these challenges, the programme focused on three key aspects that can negatively impact mindfulness and safety consciousness:

  • Quality of supervision;
  • Personal circumstances;
  • Internal personality factors that could contribute to high-risk resilience

To foster a strong sense of purpose and engagement, it is crucial to value and motivate team members, which in turn helps to maintain a high level of safety consciousness. Additionally, providing timely and constructive feedback is essential in preventing the recurrence of unsafe behaviour.

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Personal circumstances play a significant role in mindfulness and safety consciousness. The programme recognises that personal and work lives are interconnected, understanding that challenges in personal areas such as financial concerns or interpersonal conflicts can greatly impact an individual’s ability to focus on safety hazards.

Internal personality factors also contribute to an individual’s propensity for risk-taking. By utilizing psychometric assessment instruments, the programme gains valuable insights into these internal factors. Professional feedback is provided to ensure that individuals do not perceive these traits as inherent flaws, but rather as opportunities for embracing effective behavioural changes.

The programme emphasises the importance of effective supervision and continuous coaching in driving behavioural changes among individuals with a high risk propensity. Going beyond the traditional Hierarchy of Controls approach, our client demonstrated their commitment to establishing a culture of safety consciousness throughout the organisation.

The programme focuses on the following areas:

My Purpose / Our Purpose: Participants embark on a journey of self-discovery, understanding the impact of their actions on themselves, their families, and colleagues. Sound- and animated video clips help them recognise the potential consequences of unsafe behaviour, emphasising the importance of personal values and purpose.

My Character: Character-building exercises highlight how values influence mindset and behaviour. Aligning personal values with the organisation’s expectations fosters a strong and healthy character. Stress management tools are provided to enhance personal resilience and well-being.

My Relationships: Participants develop conflict resolution skills and learn strategies for repairing broken relationships. Dealing with setbacks and making unpopular decisions are essential skills imparted to supervisors.

My Influence: The programme concludes with participants creating plans for behaviour change and cultivating accountability. Understanding their role in influencing others’ behaviour contributes to establishing a culture of safety-consciousness within their teams and the broader organisation.

The two-day programme offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines self-reflection, skills development, and practical application. By increasing participants’ understanding of themselves, their purpose, and the impact of their behaviours, the programme equips them with the tools necessary to promote a safety-conscious culture.

Our clients’ collaboration with Growth-Link exemplifies their commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of their employees. By investing in personal effectiveness and leadership development, the organisation aims to create a safer work environment where every individual prioritises safety as a core value.

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