Loesche has a long-standing history of being the market leader in original equipment manufacturing and after-market services. It was as a result of having close relationships with our clients that a need was identified to not only improve the performance of its mills but decrease energy consumption, while addressing the skills shortage in the market. These key drivers drove Loesche to create a fully digital software solution that addresses all these concerns without major equipment upgrades or capital investment.

Loesche established a new digital sales department at the beginning of 2022. We have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) based mill control system, as well as an AI-based machine surveillance software that is helping maintenance managers, production managers and process engineers to run equipment more efficiently at lower energy consumption and higher throughput, and taking care of maintenance requirements through a predictive maintenance software. A significant amount of capital has gone into establishing this department.

In 2024, we sold our first complete solution to the mining company Idwala Carbonates in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, which now has an AI mill operation system and also an AI machine surveillance system taking care of the mill gearbox, classifier and fan.

In October 2023, the cement player Dangote Group also signed up for a solution for one of its plants in Delmas, South Africa.

Loesche plans to continue investing in further developing our AI solutions moving forward.

Key points for these optimised facilities:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased output
  • On-the-job skills development
  • Increased equipment lifespan
  • No more unplanned breakdowns
  • Full visibility, monitoring and control of process
  • Can be operated in auto-pilot mode without constant human interaction

Proven results achieved by going digital

Loesche’s portfolio of digital products ideally serves the core needs of producers and mining operations. Loesche, Aixprocess and Dalog are technology partners and digital experts. Integration of process control systems, and combined machine surveillance tools with expert systems, allow our customers to increase operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Predictive maintenance has increased productivity by 25%, reduced breakdowns by 70%, and lowered maintenance costs by 25%.

Operating a mill with the Mill PILOT real-time optimiser from Aixprocess allows for specific energy savings of up to 15%. Remote sites increasingly require autonomous plant operation and remote analysis capabilities. Automated reports keep staff informed regardless of their location, and data collection from remote machines enables monitoring and adaptive control while diminishing the need for on-site human resources.

For more information or details regarding these projects, contact:

Janie Scholtz

Digital Sales Manager

Tel: +27 (0)11 032 9360

Cell: +27 (0)66 113 9297

Email: Jscholtz@Loeschesa.co.za

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