With over 100 years of innovation, more than 114 affiliates and in over 60 countries, Yokogawa Electric Corporation continues to provide and develop innovative and diversified solutions to problems in mining, metals and mineral processing (MMM) industries.

Yokogawa collaborates with partners and the sector to address and focus on ESG/decarbonisation (shifting to electric vehicles, green and low-energy consumption); ageing/scarcity of workforce (creating a worker-friendly environment to attract new workforce); high-efficiency flexible operation/s (increasing productivity with innovative technologies); and digital innovative transformation (getting the most out of data, integration/management thereof, and IT/OT convergence).

In MMM operations, there is a need for stable and safe operations, and thus Yokogawa’s focus is on reliability across the whole spectrum of services and products, replacing manual systems with automation, and asset maintenance, etc. Yokogawa has been developing and providing total process control systems and solutions for over 50 years, field instrumentation for over 100 years – and moving forward, Yokogawa will embrace artificial intelligence technologies that will enable the industry to move to the next stage of autonomous operations.

MMM is an industry that needs to be flexible to the internal problems arising from changing ore bodies, but also be able to respond to the pressures put on it by global competition, global prices and highly mobile capital and people. Yokogawa’s core operating solutions from AI, distributed control systems (CENTUM VP), field instrumentation and innovative digital transformation solutions provide maximum efficiency, profitability and optimisation, always allowing total insight and control of the processes: from mining activities, materials handling, mineral processing, smelting, refining and recovery – with all production capabilities and statistics easily available.

Typical Yokogawa application solutions and systems include:

• Digital dashboards and command centres of both local and remote operations;

• Production control;

• Responsible mineral procurement;

• System integration and control systems design;

• Asset management;

• Modular procedural automation for workforce knowledge preservation;

• OT security risk assessment;

• Power monitoring, temperature & current recording, management in refining furnaces;

• Continuous emissions monitoring;

• Platform for advanced control and estimation (advanced process control) focused on supply chain, asset operations, optimisation, and operational risk & asset management and integrity;

• Zero unplanned downtime methodology and systems;

• Tunable diode laser spectrometers for real-time gas analysis to increase efficiency, safety, throughput, quality and environmental compliance;

• pH of leachate in zinc hydrometallurgy, advance flow measurements in slurry, monitoring, and recording of holding furnaces in the alumina sector;

• Pipeline leak detection, conveyor belt fire detection, power cable monitoring for overheating;

• Acid plant management and optimisation, asset health insights, and more – covering processes such as sulphuric acid plants, flotation, water, air, ventilation and power equipment, refineries and others.

Yokogawa co-creates superior value with stakeholders to transform the MMM sector’s business growth.

For more information, telephone +27 (0)11 831 6300 or email yma.info-za@yokogawa.com

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