Integrated energy solutions provider Tetracore has commissioned phase one of its compressed natural gas (CNG) facility in Nigeria – representing a significant step toward strengthening the country’s natural gas distribution infrastructure. The company has also broken ground on the construction of a modular liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility, which is poised to not only diversify Tetracore’s oil & gas portfolio but advance monetisation in the gas-rich nation.

As the voice of the African energy sector and a strong advocate for natural gas development in Africa, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) commends both these achievements, recognising the role facilities such as these will play in making energy poverty history in Africa. Tetracore – led by managing director Olakunle Williams – continues to make great strides toward promoting industrialisation and electrification in Africa through the development of natural gas.

The development of Tetracore’s CNG facility – with a capacity of 3.1 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d) – falls in line with the Nigerian government’s Decade of Gas initiative, which promotes the role of gas as a catalyst for industrial growth. Located on the Benin-Sagamu Express Road in Ogun State, the CNG facility aims to bolster gas availability along Nigeria’s Western-Southern corridor, which houses some of the country’s largest industrial clusters. Tetracore has plans to double the project’s capacity to 6.2 MMscf/d in the future, ensuring demand continues to be met as industrialisation advances in Nigeria.

Additionally, Tetracore’s CNG plant is near the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Gas Marketing Limited (NGML) connection point, which connects to the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline: the main gas transmission pipeline between the Niger Delta and the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos. This prime location ensures reliable pressure for effective and efficient CNG production and distribution, reaching both western and southern markets.

Tetracore has also equipped the facility with advanced compression technology featuring an inbuilt fire suppressant system, ensuring safety and optimal performance, and the facility boasts an energy conversion efficiency rate of over 90%. As such, the project is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing local energy accessibility and providing a cleaner alternative to traditional energy sources. By utilising CNG, the company aims to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape in Africa.

In addition to the CNG facility, Tetracore has broken ground on a modular LNG facility. The planned 10 MMscf/d LNG facility will diversify the company’s energy offerings and contribute to Nigeria’s energy independence. Designed to efficiently produce and distribute LNG in Nigeria, the LNG facility provides an environmentally friendly energy source for the country. This will be particularly instrumental for industries such as transportation and power generation. Additionally, the modular nature of the facility allows for scalable expansion, which will enable Tetracore to adapt to the growing energy needs of the region.

“Tetracore’s activities in Africa are part of a broader strategy to develop robust and sustainable energy solutions across the continent. The Chamber recognises the importance of Tetracore’s projects in ensuring energy security and driving forward the energy transition in Africa, providing reliable and cleaner solutions,” states NJ Ayuk, executive chairperson of the AEC.

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