With over a billion inhabitants, Africa is the world’s second most populous continent and, according to a UNICEF report, it will experience a demographic shift unprecedented in its scale. Over the next 35 years, the continent’s population will double in size; and its youth population will increase by two-thirds. To see the necessary socio-economic development of such a large population, the focus of the next few decades must be on disciplined infrastructural transformation and sustainable resource extraction management.

While carbon-neutral initiatives are becoming top priorities for many African governments – there is an urgent need to harness and manage the continent’s commodities, engineering and construction capabilities, and capacity to produce renewable energy – toward transforming Africa into a competitive, industrialised global player. “It will take a significant amount of investment, political will, and discipline to achieve these objectives,” says Tiefenthaler Africa Director, Deonn Fourie, “but the opportunities for investors are attractive, and many are taking note.”

Projects that are central to the continent’s energy aspirations require a comprehensive balancing of procurement, contract drafting and negotiating, and dispute resolution strategies.

Tiefenthaler Africa is at the centre of the continent’s resource, construction, and energy development and one of the largest specialist legal service providers in Africa with a predominant focus on clients in the design-build, commodity extraction, and power generation markets across the continent.

The firm’s adaptive, collaborative, and consistent approach ensures value across the entire spectrum of mining, energy, and construction projects.



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