Xcalibur Smart Mapping has announced the integration of the revolutionary iCORUS-X gravimeter into its airborne survey systems. This cutting-edge technology, unique to Xcalibur Smart Mapping, marks a significant advancement in geophysical survey capabilities – enhancing the company’s ability to provide precise, high-quality data for the mining and exploration sectors.

The iCORUS-X gravimeter stands out with its innovative design that eliminates the need for a stabilised platform – a requirement for conventional airborne gravimeters. This feature allows the iCORUS-X to acquire gravity data at half the noise levels of commercially available systems, offering unparalleled data quality and performance. Derived from the successful sGRAV gravimeter, the iCORUS-X represents a leap forward in geophysical technology, ensuring more accurate and reliable survey results.

Xcalibur Smart Mapping’s commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in its deployment strategy for the iCORUS-X systems. One of the remarkable attributes of the iCORUS-X is its compactness and robustness against air turbulence encountered during surveys. This enables Xcalibur Smart Mapping to collect high-quality scalar gravity data simultaneously with magnetic, electromagnetic or gravity gradiometry surveys, even under challenging conditions. The iCORUS-X’s ability to perform under turbulent and dynamic drape conditions without compromising the quality of the primary survey technology sets it apart in the industry.

A key advantage of the iCORUS-X system is its excellent differentiator to competitors by offering clients an additional dataset at minimal cost. Moreover, the system does not require Xcalibur Smart Mapping to alter its current flight parameters, maintaining efficiency and consistency across projects. Unlike traditional gravimeters, the iCORUS-X does not need to be flown at a fixed barometric altitude or a gentle drape. This flexibility means it can be flown together with Mag/Rad or EM surveys without compromising the quality of the Mag/Rad or EM data.

The iCORUS-X’s operational efficiency is further demonstrated when used at wider line spacings (1km or more), achieving gravity data quality of less than 1.0 mGal at a half-wavelength resolution of 3km. This capability ensures clients receive precise and comprehensive data, aiding in more informed decision-making processes for their projects.

The introduction of the iCORUS-X gravimeter reaffirms Xcalibur Smart Mapping’s position as a leader in airborne geophysical mapping. By offering an advanced and differentiated solution, the company continues to deliver exceptional value and results to its clients, driving the future of geophysical surveys.

Stay tuned for more updates on projects and the groundbreaking technologies employed at Xcalibur Smart Mapping.

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