Strata GeoCivils is a family of young, forward-thinking and ambitious individuals – all with their own unique set of skills – who have the freedom to apply them in the workplace. We love ingenuity and finding better ways of doing things. We love creativity, resourcefulness and proactivity. We don’t believe in restricting talent, and we encourage each other to put ideas into practice. We find that doing so not only creates job satisfaction but also creates a healthy environment for our brand to grow.

At Strata GeoCivils, we believe in quality. Holding a unique schedule of accreditation with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS – Facility Number T1090), we pride ourselves as being one the few geotechnical laboratories in Africa accredited for BS1377 Part 5 & 7. As such, we are well suited to meet the needs of complex geotechnical projects where accuracy and precision in results is required.

We believe every project deserves to be treated in a manner that ensures you – as the developer, engineer or contractor – can have complete confidence in your project. This confidence comes from using the best: the best products, the best equipment and the best laboratory. Reliable results are the cornerstone of any construction project.

Laboratory testing is unfortunately an aspect of construction that is easily reduced or excluded when it comes to budget constraints. The danger of this is that cutting your geotech and testing budget will lead you down a path of risk – consisting of early failures, delayed or partial payments and, at the end of the day, a poor-quality product and reputational harm.

We strive to improve the understanding and the importance of geotechnical site conditions, and the value attached to testing all components of your construction projects. After all, the chances are high your project involves the earth or materials derived from it. Be sure to determine the risks involved with these raw and unpredictable components, as it will ensure confidence in your projects, designs and workmanship.

At Strata GeoCivils, we have the skills, qualifications, registrations, passion and experience to be your laboratory and geotechnical service provider of choice.

The question is, why would you settle for second best?

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